You Are The Healer Your Body Has Been Searching For!


Does this sound familiar?
You are cruising through your day, you have a lot on your plate, but you’re in a flow and happy. Suddenly, while walking down steps, you misjudge the step below and land hard on your foot and slightly twist it.  It’s not terribly painful so you move your ankle around a few times and continue on your way.
The next day, you’re reaching into your back seat to retrieve an item and you feel a sharp tingling going up your arm. You move your arm around in a circle and everything seems ok so you continue on your way.
These are just a couple of examples of how your body is sending you pre-pain signals.
If you’ve struggled with ongoing aches and pains then chances are you’ve tried various healing techniques and medications. You may be feeling frustrated, angry, disheartened and hopeless.
I understand because I went through the exact same thing. Due to injuries experienced during my years training to be a dancer, as well as a few childhood falls, I developed chronic hip/low-back and psoas pain. I spent nearly 20 years in a loop, from practitioner to temporary relief then back to practitioner, 2-3 weeks later. I tried chiropractic, acupuncture, massage and cranio-sacral therapies. While all these therapies can be helpful and necessary, they were not giving me long-term relief. I was feeling frustrated, angry, disheartened and hopeless.
Once I shifted my attention away from looking for the answer outside of me —  through a practitioner or medication — and learned how to listen to and work with my body’s own self-repair systems, I began to experience lasting relief.
You know your body better than any practitioner. You spend more time with your body than any practitioner. You must learn to hear and interpret the subtle, or not so subtle, messages that your body is sending in order to really get that long-term relief from pain.
My training has informed me that pain is a messenger. You see, your body is a sophisticated system that sends you warning signals when something is off.
One of the main messages of pain is to SLOW DOWN. When your body sends you a pain signal, it’s telling you to step off the merry-go-round and allow your body’s own healing system to do its job before your minor aches become bigger, lasting pains.
To do that, you have to learn how to tune into your body, so you can recognize the signals your body is sending.
Here are six common signals your body sends to warn you of oncoming pain:
•      Frequent falls/accidents
•      Frequent headaches
•      When you stand, you lean on one leg or lean into a counter for support
•      Numbness/tingling in the hands, feet or legs
•      Heaviness in your muscles when you exercise
•      Sleep disturbances
If you are wondering HOW you actually tune in and listen to your body, it is as simple as pushing the “pause” button several times a day in the middle of doing something. Close your eyes and scan your body, head to toe, for tightness. Notice whether you’re breathing with your whole torso or just your upper chest. It only takes 30 seconds to do this but it can save you hours of time and lots of money by keeping you out of some body-workers office.
The body scan as part of the MELT® Method is designed for exactly this reason, to teach us how to notice the stress in our body. Your body deserves your attention!

Hope to see you at one of my classes. I want to help you move better, feel free and age with ease!

Is Your Body Prepped For Summer Fun?


Riding a bicycle can instantly transport me back to my youth, especially if the ride overlooks a lake or is alongside a river; which are elements of where I grew up. As Summer approaches and I look forward to going back to North Dakota/Minnesota to visit family, I also greatly look forward to taking two or three bike rides.

I have three nieces in St. Paul who are between the ages of 17-21. One of my favorite ways to bond with them is to do a bike ride. There are miles of bike trails that take you all over the Minneapolis/St.Paul area. The scenery ranges from residential to commercial to parks, lakes and the Mississippi River. Riding a bicycle allows my mind to relax and be fully present with my surroundings. It also invites easy conversation and laughter.

At times we will race each other or compete to see who can ride without hands the longest. These bonding times with family are deeply pleasurable and memorable. These experiences tick off all the right boxes; being in nature, doing something physical that my body likes, connecting with friends/family and being silly.
This biking and bonding time was not even thinkable five years ago. My knees would have hurt too much and sitting on that hard, tiny bike seat for two plus hours would have put me in debilitating pain for days.

Today, with my older, yet more STABLE body, I don’t hesitate to say yes to a two-hour bike ride. I know how to care for my body before and after the ride. Before the ride I Melt my feet. After the ride I Melt my calves, hips and upper back. The result is my body does not feel any negative effects from the ride and my spirit can fully relish in the joy that I experienced.

I am so grateful for my knowledge of my body and the Melt method, as well as other techniques that I use to stay pain-free. Whether you enjoy swimming, biking, tennis, golf, running or motorcycling, I want to help you enjoy your favorite summer activities so you can experience that deep pleasure, without the pain. 

Contact me to learn the specific MELT® sequences that will relieve the stress associated with your favorite activity, or come to my next class! I want to help you move better, feel free and achieve optimal/sustainable wellness!