Foot Pain Anyone?

As we age all types of foot pain become common. Plantar Fasciitis is one common foot pain, which affects more women than men. I have spent the last month diligently ministering to my left foot to overcome plantar fasciitis. I am thrilled to report that it is 95% gone!! Those who have been afflicted with plantar fasciitis know what a painful, pesky syndrome it is. I am honestly surprised that I have escaped being affected by it until now, given that I am on my feet a lot and I have a history of hip instability; two things that can cause plantar fasciitis. Katy Bowman, a biomechanist and huge advocate for foot health, defines plantar fasciitis as inflammation of the tissue around the heel from overuse/strain. 
What are the best remedies for treating plantar fasciitis? I gathered information from Sue Hitzmann and Katy Bowman to help me put a healing protocol together. 
Here is my recipe for overcoming plantar fasciitis:

  • Ice when the condition is in the acute stage
  • Melt full foot treatment every morning
  • Exercise the toes; pick up the soft MELT® ball with your toes
  • Melt the calves every morning and evening
  • Stretch the calves/ankles every morning and evening
  • MELT® mini foot treatment before bed
  • Wear shoes with a flexible sole and a back; no flip flops or slide on shoes
  • Walk mindfully; put weight on the big toe when you step and roll thru the foot

In addition to my self-treatments, I had two cranio-sacral sessions, a week apart, targeting my hips and feet. Whether you prefer a chiropractor, cranio-sacral therapist, or any other deep body-worker, it is important to have someone adjust/balance out your hips. If you only address the feet and ignore the connection with the hips, your healing will be much slower.
Lastly, pay attention to your footwear. Improper shoes definitely play a role in all types of foot pain. Avoid shoes that slide on, flip-flops, shoes with a stiff sole. I now only wear flip-flops when I go for a pedicure, never for long periods of walking/standing. Show your feet some love and your knees and hips will thank you!!