Got 15 Minutes?

Happy New Year!! May your year be filled with joyful experiences and radical self-care practices. 
If you struggle to find time for movement/exercise, i.e., SELF-CARE, this message is for you. I hear it ALL the time, “I don’t have time to MELT/exercise.” I even find myself saying it. This is the most common reason for why people don’t move. They have told themselves a story that unless they have an hour of time for movement AND they break a sweat, it doesn’t count as exercise. If that sounds like you, then I have GREAT NEWS for you. That story/excuse is a load of crap! To be clear, IF you can devote an hour to movement and break a sweat, that is terrific, BUT that is not the only way to incorporate movement into your life and reap significant benefits. 
I offer you another paradigm; the 15-minute plan to make movement a habit. Consistency is more important than intensity or the amount of time spent. Four, 15-minute movement sessions spread over four days, is better than one hour in just one day. Everyone has 15 minutes throughout the day; whether you are waiting for the plumber to show up or you are in-between meetings at work.

For the person at work: 1) stand up and do side bending, hold the stretch for 2 breaths, do at least 4 reps on each side, 2) slowly roll forward starting with the head and come as far forward as is comfortable, letting the head and arms hang. Hold for a couple breathes and slowly roll up, do at least four times, 3) walk around for 8-10 minutes; use the stairs if they are available.

For the person at home: 1) 4 reps of sun salutations, the yoga warm-up, 2) MELT® rebalance sequence with added single leg lift for some core engagement.

These are simple movements that anyone can do with JUST 15 minutes. I guarantee you will feel better. WARNING! Creating a habit of 15-minute movement sessions may lead you to “find time” for longer movement sessions :-) Consistency is key!! 
Make a commitment, for 2018, to put self-care at the top of your to-do list. Self-care not only improves our lives, but of those around us: whom we live with, work with and interact with on a daily basis.
Cheers to you and your commitment to self-care!!!