Gratitude, Peace & Blessings!


I hope that your Thanksgiving holiday was fun and relaxing. Brad and I enjoyed our annual Thanksgiving with friends. I am grateful for THIS moment to reflect on my blessings…ahhh, this little breathing space is good after such a busy couple of months, and before the next round of fun-filled, joy-filled, busy-ness begins.

I want to express a deep gratitude for all who continue to attend my classes and private sessions. I find immense gratification in assisting your healing process! As I have said before, it takes a team of healers to guide us back to homeostasis. I am eternally thankful for my team of healers who have been assisting me through my digestive issues. I am not out of the woods yet, but progress is being made. I am learning just how extensive “listening to my body” can be. I am also reminded how patient and CONSISTENT one must be to overcome a physical ailment. My body is my greatest teacher, for sure!!!

A few weeks ago I was blessed with a collaborative opportunity; a Pilates teacher/friend, who owns a studio in Minneapolis, hosted a MELT® workshop where I flew in for the weekend and taught the class. It was a sold-out success and she has asked me to come back for future classes. So if you have any friends in the Minneapolis area be sure and let them know that MELT® is available in their area and send them to my website for class listings.

Wishing you peace & many blessings