Happy February!


Happy February! This is my anniversary month. No, not my wedding anniversary, that comes in June. This month I celebrate two years of living pain free! Woo Hoo!!!! That doesn’t mean I have not had times of discomfort and small aches. I believe those are just a fact of living. It does mean I have not experienced chronic, debilitating pain for a period of two years. I think I am officially on the other side of pain now. So, how did I get here and what do I do now? The answer to both questions is the same. I practice MELT and other active recovery techniques such as active stretching and psoas release work, DAILY. Four years ago (it took me two years just to get out of the chronic pain loop) I committed to a daily habit of rest and repair for my aching body. I committed to small chunks of time, just 15-20 minutes. But I never missed a day, even when I wasn’t sure if what I was doing was working. Small changes, practiced daily lead to BIG benefits down the road.

Check out this short clip from the book Compound Effect, by Darren Hardy

What we do on a daily basis is what our life becomes. Start already! Stop waiting for (fill in the blank). Choose your habits consciously, do them over and over and enjoy the benefits of living your best life.