How Resilient is Your Body?


June has flown by!!! I hope all of you found time to play and frolic, whether that was in your garden or on a playground or floating on a lake. They all sound fun to me! I had many fun plans for June……..then life intervened.

As you know I have been ecstatic about telling people I am pain-free for over two years. That is still true based on my past chronic pain issues, which have not resurfaced. However, this past month I experienced something unusual and NEW, occipital nerve pain that was sharp, shooting and radiating up my skull every one to two minutes. It came on unexpectedly and took me out of commission for about four days.

I am now on the other side of this episode but through it all I was reminded of how important it is to: 1) spring into action immediately, call on all your bodyworkers for help, 2) clear your schedule of anything non-essential to give you space and time to heal, 3) be kind and compassionate with yourself about needing time and help to heal. MOST importantly, when you already have established maintenance routines like MELT as part of your daily wellness your body recovers much faster; your body is RESILIENT. I was able to resume most of my daily regimens after four days and after ten days I was enjoying life once again. Lastly, I was humbled by this pain episode. I was reminded of the way pain makes you feel vulnerable and helpless, which is all the more reason to operate from an offensive/prevention mode in life, rather than a defensive/reaction mode.

Life will challenge us both emotionally and physically but we can move through these challenges more quickly when we have set ourselves up to be resilient. Maintenance rituals like MELT contribute to overall wellness and resiliency of our organism.

This month I am looking forward to the play-time that got delayed in June. I will be on vacation for two weeks; floating on a lake, reading, hiking and hanging out with family.  My Intro workshops will resume in August. I also plan on bringing back my 4 week classes in September.  Stay Tuned!!