Is Your Body Prepped For Summer Fun?


Riding a bicycle can instantly transport me back to my youth, especially if the ride overlooks a lake or is alongside a river; which are elements of where I grew up. As Summer approaches and I look forward to going back to North Dakota/Minnesota to visit family, I also greatly look forward to taking two or three bike rides.

I have three nieces in St. Paul who are between the ages of 17-21. One of my favorite ways to bond with them is to do a bike ride. There are miles of bike trails that take you all over the Minneapolis/St.Paul area. The scenery ranges from residential to commercial to parks, lakes and the Mississippi River. Riding a bicycle allows my mind to relax and be fully present with my surroundings. It also invites easy conversation and laughter.

At times we will race each other or compete to see who can ride without hands the longest. These bonding times with family are deeply pleasurable and memorable. These experiences tick off all the right boxes; being in nature, doing something physical that my body likes, connecting with friends/family and being silly.
This biking and bonding time was not even thinkable five years ago. My knees would have hurt too much and sitting on that hard, tiny bike seat for two plus hours would have put me in debilitating pain for days.

Today, with my older, yet more STABLE body, I don’t hesitate to say yes to a two-hour bike ride. I know how to care for my body before and after the ride. Before the ride I Melt my feet. After the ride I Melt my calves, hips and upper back. The result is my body does not feel any negative effects from the ride and my spirit can fully relish in the joy that I experienced.

I am so grateful for my knowledge of my body and the Melt method, as well as other techniques that I use to stay pain-free. Whether you enjoy swimming, biking, tennis, golf, running or motorcycling, I want to help you enjoy your favorite summer activities so you can experience that deep pleasure, without the pain. 

Contact me to learn the specific MELT® sequences that will relieve the stress associated with your favorite activity, or come to my next class! I want to help you move better, feel free and achieve optimal/sustainable wellness!