"MELT" into Wellness


Welcome to my first official newsletter !! I am honored by your interest in MELT and wellness. My intention with this monthly newsletter is to share some MELT inspiration as well as tips for overall health and wellness. I will also be informing you of upcoming workshops and classes.

I hope that you have made MELT a daily practice. And I hope that you have an understanding of why you should make MELT a daily practice. I invite you to check out the short article I have included for increasing your understanding of the role our fascia/connective tissue plays in our health. I equate my daily MELT practice to twice daily teeth brushing. Because cellular dehydration and joint compression are on-going daily processes that occur naturally, we need to interrupt those processes with positive compression techniques that MELT provides. Re-hydrating our cells and releasing the compression in our joints on a daily basis allows our body to stabilize and work more efficiently while preventing pain from occurring.

If you have not tried the foam rolling techniques please consider my upcoming Intro workshop in Glendale on November 16th from 1:00-2:30pm.

Wishing you all a bountiful, joyful Thanksgiving Holiday!!