Mindset Plus Mentors Equals Success


I find myself staring up at a big mountain, with the intent of conquering it. Overcoming my chronic physical pain was easy compared to this. I am referring to healing my digestive tract. Gut issues have plagued me since my early twenties and in recent months have become a debilitating, distracting problem. It is time to take on this challenge and overcome it for good! With the help of a holistic nutritionist I am beginning by eliminating the possible culprits, dairy and wheat. Oh how I love cheese, a fresh baguette and a homemade chocolate chip cookie!!!!!! My love of food extends to reading cookbooks, watching the Food Network, shopping for food, preparing food and of course eating food. Are you getting the picture of why I said it was easier to overcome my chronic, physical pain than healing me gut?
Such a big challenge means I need to arm myself with the right methods that will help me succeed. I realize the most effective methods for success are the same techniques I used to overcome my chronic physical pain. This realization sets my mind somewhat at ease, knowing I have done this before AND I CAN DO IT AGAIN!
First, it is important to engage the right MINDSET. Here is the activity that I use when trying to achieve any goal. This comes from the book, Getting Grit; The Evidence-Based Approach for Cultivating Passion, Perseverance and Purpose, by Caroline Adams Miller.

When I achieve_____, (insert goal) I will feel_____(write 2-4 adjectives describing what you will feel).
When I achieve_____, I will be able to do_____(insert 2-4 descriptions of what you will be able to do that you currently can’t do).
The obstacles that could prevent me from succeeding are____(write as many thoughts as you can about who or what might get in your way of succeeding).
My plan to overcome/manage these obstacles is______(write as many thoughts as you can about who or what could assist you in achieving your goal).

Second, we all need SUPPORT and encouragement. It is important to engage regularly with a mentor. Support and accountability to keep us motivated and on track is imperative! No one achieves goals by themselves, it takes a team. Nowadays, that team might include reminders on your phone or Apps, but for me human interaction is the most effective support. So for a while that means weekly visits with my nutritionist.
As I write this, it is early in my healing process, but what I know for sure is that it is possible for me to heal my gut and live with more ease, less discomfort. This belief, along with my unwavering decision that NOW IS THE TIME to overcome this issue, is the key to success.
Are you trying to create a healthy habit? Whether you want to lose weight, practice MELT®, or exercise regularly, I want to help you achieve your goal. I want to be your mentor!! I have been mentoring students for over 20 years and I would love to use my skills and experience to help all of you. To make it easy, we will set up regular text or face-time check-ins for accountability, no big time commitments necessary.  Contact me for more details at khaley5@mac.com or 818-802-2870.