Our Thoughts, Part of the Problem or the Solution?


I am EXCITED! After a fun and relaxing Summer I am ready to get back to a full teaching schedule. In addition to offering more classes this Fall, I am EXCITED to be in New York this October to attend the Level 2 MELT Training. This means in 2016 I will offer two levels of MELT classes; The Basics and Advanced Level.

Why do I keep saying “I am EXCITED?

Holiday season is around the corner and with that comes lots of preparations, expectations and stress. What I have noticed is these last four months of the year seem more stressful and time-compressed compared to the beginning half of the year. I have a tendency to add to my stress by looking ahead at my weekly or monthly schedule getting overwhelmed and feeling paralyzed; “OMG! how will I do all this and keep up with laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, MELTING, socializing, Etc.?” Of course this is NOT the best choice and I am learning to approach this circumstance differently by changing my thoughts around having a busy schedule.

So now when I have lots going on, I say to myself, “I am excited about___!” It has only been a few weeks since putting this into practice but I do notice a difference in my being, which is more relaxed, less tense throughout the day. Since this small shift in perception I am accomplishing a lot during the day without feeling drained. If I keep up with this practice, I figure by the time Thanksgiving and Christmas are here I will breeze thru to the new year without a “MELT down.” The bottom line is, stated simply yet profoundly by Dr. Wayne Dyer (rest in peace), “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Mental stress … under control √  

Now about that physical stress…stay tuned for next months’ newsletter.