Spring Greetings!


Spring Greetings Everyone!! Thank you for being a part of my community! My intention is to motivate and empower you to be proactive about your health and live pain free.


It’s all about “staying connected” these days. To connect we busily sit in front of a computer screen typing messages on Facebook, Twitter, or email, but how CONNECTED are you to your body??? The mind/body connection is one of the key ingredients to releasing pain and preventing pain. The Melt Method teaches us to Assess and Re-assess our body before and after we Melt so that we can strengthen our mind/body connection. Awareness is POWER. In the space of awareness we can choose to release tension in our neck and shoulders, change the position of our pelvis and low back as we sit or get up from our chair and walk around and stretch. As we become familiar with our Melt practice it is easy to skimp on the before and after assessments, but I urge you NOT to rush through this step or any of the steps. Remember that you are acting as your own body worker. Would you want someone you are paying to rush through your treatment?