Take Your Holiday’s From Mundane to Miraculous


I have always loved rituals and ceremonies as a way to honor and enrich the rhythms/passing of the season. I have sat in many a circle with a single votive candle in front of me waiting for my turn to share my truth.  My takeaway from these experiences has been a feeling of reverence and a reminder that the sacred exists in the every day.
This time of year can speed by in a blur and all of a sudden it is January. As we gather with friends and family this holiday season, I encourage you to slow down and really connect with your loved ones through ritual. Choose the time, place and people with which you most want to deepen your connection. Then choose the intention you want for the ritual. Maybe it is to express gratitude, or to honor those who have passed, or to state your intention/wish for the coming year. Rituals/ceremonies don’t have to be elaborate to be meaningful, you just need to come from your heart. Here is a script for a ritual that I have used:
Equipment needed- Small votive candles, one for each person.
Space requirement- sit or stand in a circle.
To begin- Ask everyone to close their eyes and take a few cleansing breathes to bring themselves into the present. Then ask them to think of a wish or intention they would like to bring into the coming year. Don’t rush, make sure everyone is ready before moving to the next step.
Going clockwise around the circle, each person, one at a time, lights their candle and states, “I light this candle, and in so doing, I light the wish/intention of_______( joy, peace, prosperity, etc.) in my life and in the world.” Together you all say, “And so it is.” 
To close the ceremony- Once everyone has had a turn you may want to close the ritual by all holding hands, or putting your hands into the center. Then you may share a special poem, religious passage or sometimes I like to collectively, on three, all shout our intentions at once into the air. For the remainder of your evening, let the candles continue to burn and provide the gathering with the sweet embrace of love.
If you are new to performing rituals with a group, you might feel silly or fear others will think it is stupid. I have found that if you are sincere and choose people who love you and trust you, then people will respond in kind, so set those fears aside and trust the process. Alternately, you may choose to perform this ritual on your own.
If ritual is not your thing, I understand. At least find time this month to LINGER! I love that word and its’ corresponding behavior: “to remain or stay on in a place longer than is usual or expected; to dwell in contemplation, thought, or enjoyment.” 
May you experience all the joy and magic that this season has to offer!