The Marriage of Pilates & MELT®

I hope this message finds you well! I had a gigantic breakthrough this past month so I share this with the intention to help you learn from my experience so you can move better, feel free!

As many of you know I struggled with a chronic hip/low back issue for nearly 20 years. What I have not shared with you is HOW my infrequent hip problem became a chronic issue, until now. Finding the connection to our transverse abdominis, the lower abs below our belly button, is the foundation of the Pilates Method. My Pilates certification program required hundreds of hours of both doing Pilates and teaching it. So over the course of 14 months I was practicing Pilates five days a week. At the time my hip issue was infrequent and I was managing it with twice-monthly chiropractic adjustments, which only lasted for a day or two and then my pelvis was unbalanced again.

What this means is that most of the time that I was learning to connect to my transverse abdominis, my pelvis was out of balance and I was not able to efficiently engage my transverse abdominis. Instead I was overusing my back and psoas muscles. At the time I did not even know what my psoas muscle really was. I started my Pilates training with an unbalanced dysfunctional pelvis and I ended my Pilates training with an even stronger, unbalanced, dysfunctional pelvis. I hit the chronic pain stage and I had to stop doing Pilates for myself because even a few reps of an exercise put me in pain. I was confused and disillusioned. I thought strength training, such as Pilates, was going to solve my unbalanced pelvis issue. It only made it worse!!

Now I had a tight, inflamed psoas AND an unbalanced pelvis. What caused all this dysfunction and how do I get out of it? That was almost ten years ago that I was pondering those questions. Today, I am ecstatic to say that I have the puzzle figured out, thanks to Sue Hitzmann and Halle Altman. I recently attended a MELT for Pilates Training developed by both women. This training blends MELT moves to prep the body for Pilates moves. It is genius how the two modalities work together!!!!! Sue explained the physics of movement between the pelvis and our transverse. The simplified explanation is that in order to engage our transverse abdominis efficiently, we MUST balance the pelvis FIRST. Then we are less likely to misuse our back and/or psoas. The hydration, thru MELT, is what creates more balance in a region of the body.

I am happy to say that I can enjoy doing Pilates without fear of injury. AND I am excited to share this knowledge with you. I have a NEW class on May 6th, Pilates Mash-Up; A blend of MELT with mat Pilates. If you are new to Pilates this is a great introduction and if you are a Pilates regular you will fall in love with moves you thought you knew and discover a deeper connection to your transverse abdominis.
I want to help you move better, feel free!!