What Do You Believe?


This month is the season of light, love, hope, giving and all things magical.  After the recent wave of violence around the globe, I found it imperative to connect to my core beliefs. The attacks in Paris left me feeling angry, frustrated and leaning toward hopeless. I hated feeling this way. Making a list of what I believe helped me regain my faith and hope in humanity. In the spirit of love and connection with you all, I share just a few of the things on my list in hopes of inspiring you to make your own list of beliefs.
I believe:

  • Love is stronger than fear or hate.
  •  We all are part of the Force/Source that allows the sun to rise each day.
  • We can change our life by changing our thoughts.
  • The body is designed with its’ own healing systems.
  • Nature has the ability to uplift, inspire and heal us.
  • Time spent in stillness connects me to the Truth of who I am.
  • Being fully present and really listening to our loved ones is the most precious gift anyone can give or receive.
  • When our faith is bigger than our fear the results can be truly awe-inspiring. 

This holiday, may we all feel love and compassion in our heart, for ourselves and for everyone we meet.

Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.
— Hamilton Wright Mabi