You Can Take A Pill Or You Can Take Responsibility


I don’t mean to sound preachy and I don’t mean to suggest that medication is never an option, my hope is to inspire you to be proactive about your health and recognize that a little prevention goes a long way to living well and living pain-free. There are three ways we can positively affect our health.

1) Good nutrition. Hop on board the kale train!! At least eat five servings of fruits and vegetables EVERY day. 

2) Nutritious movement. The chemical processes in our body are affected just as much by what we eat as HOW WE MOVE. I am talking about mindful, simple movement throughout the day, like squatting down to pick up your shoes instead of bending over at the waist. Take frequent, short walks to the bathroom, outside to get the mail, or down the hall to your co-workers office instead of emailing them. 

3) Training our thoughts. This is an overlooked component of health, but probably the most powerful one.