Are Your Aches and Pains Starting to Interfere with Your Favorite Activities?


I can help you GET out and STAY out of pain, so you can:

  • Feel pleasure in your body instead of pain

  • Reduce your dependency on body-workers, caffeine, and/or pain meds

  • Regain your flexibility, balance, strength and energy

  • Play with your kids or grandkids

  • Enjoy your favorite activities -- hiking, dance, swimming, yoga, travel, etc.

What I'm really passionate about is empowering you to take control over your health, so you can live an active, vibrant, pain-free life.

I am a certified Pilates instructor as well as an advanced MELT® Instructor. Together we will hydrate your connective tissue, release stuck stress and allow your body’s natural healing system to flourish.

Stop feeling 100 years old when you are only 40 or 50!



"Kris helped me learn to communicate better with my body and to understand what the pain is telling me. She also showed me how to have a more conscious relationship with my body so I can take action before pain and tension turn into injury." ~~ Beth H.