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Move Better

Stay Active!


As someone who enjoys being active you know how frustrating it is when pain gets in the way of you enjoying your favorite activities. You know that twinge in your knee, low back or shoulder that causes you to stop playing sooner than you’d like. Or maybe you ignored the twinge only to regret it later as the aches and pains became more serious.
If these experiences left you feeling frustrated or disheartened I can relate and I am here to let you know there is something YOU can do about it.
You see your body is very smart and it sends you warning signals when something is off. The thing is you have to know how to recognize the warning signals and what to do about them before they turn into more serious issues.
My name is Kris Haley and I show men and women over 40, who struggle with aches/pain, how to listen to their body so they can ease their pain, move better and stay active.
I’ve created a special FREE training that reveals the 6 Warning Signs your body is trying to send you, to let you know you’re on the verge of serious pain.

Just enter your name and email address BELOW to get your free training so you can stop pain in its tracks and get back to enjoying the activities you love!