Meet Kris

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy being active. Maybe tennis or swimming is your favorite way to unplug and relax. I personally love to hike and the chance to dance to my favorite Motown oldies.

Have you ever had to stop playing before you wanted to because you felt a twinge in your knee or lower back? Or maybe you ignored the twinge and played on only to regret it later.

Living with on-going pain drains you emotionally, physically and mentally. I know because I spent nearly 20 years living with chronic hip/low back and psoas pain. This pain was due to injuries I experienced training as a dancer along with a few childhood falls.

I tried all kinds of therapies, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage and cranio-sacral. While all these therapies are useful and necessary, they weren't giving me long-term relief.  I was stuck in a loop, from practitioner to temporary relief then back to practitioner, 2-3 weeks later. I was feeling frustrated and hopeless.

It was during a workshop with Liz Koch, a Somatic body worker and psoas expert, that I finally realized something really important…

I was the healer my body had been searching for.

I was the one spending every waking hour with my body and one hour a week with a practitioner was not going to undo my habits. I needed to focus on what daily habits were contributing to my pain and swap them for better habits.

Once I shifted my attention away from looking for the answer outside of me —  from a practitioner or medication — and learned how to work with my body’s own self-repair systems, I began to experience lasting relief.

My name is Kris Haley and I teach men and women over 40, who struggle with aches/pain, how to listen to their body so they can heal themselves and enjoy the activities they love.

As a certified Pilates instructor, I learned how to exercise various body parts for strength. And as an advanced MELT® Method instructor I learned how to prevent injury and stabilize the body. In addition, the MELT Method taught me how to tune in to my body and recognize “stuck stress” in my body. This was a true game changer for my pain relief.

One of the key lessons I learned, through my training, is that pain is a messenger. Just as the dashboard in your car lights up when there is a problem, your body is a sophisticated system that sends you warning signals when something is off.

The key is knowing how to tune into your body, so you can recognize those signals and act on them. That’s exactly what I help my clients do.

Through my many years of study and experience, I’ve learned that your body has its’ own natural healing system and there’s MUCH you can do to accomplish your own healing.

I also believe that while aging is a natural process, pain does not have to be part of it.

If you enjoy being active and you want to stay active long into your “golden years” I would love to show you how I can help you achieve that.

Click HERE to apply for a complimentary Heal Your Body Discovery session. We’ll talk about your specific goals and challenges, and I’ll share how you can overcome your ongoing pain issues so you can stay active and age with ease!

As a special bonus, you’ll also get a complimentary “body scan”. I’ll talk you through a head-to-toe check in and help you identify your unique pre-pain signals, so you can take action sooner rather than later.

The first words that come to mind when I think of Kris Haley are warm, friendly, experienced, concerned and a good communicator of nuanced material. She helped me have the confidence to continue doing the MELT® Method on my own and shared ideas for incorporating Melt into my day to make it easier, which encouraged me to actually do it! I also learned how it is suppose to feel when you are doing it right.

— Brian K.
Kris has extensive knowledge of MELT® and Pilates techniques. She is a talented instructor who communicates the method with positivity and warmth. Kris stresses accuracy over speed and that has helped me avoid injury as my body changes with age.
— Chris R.