What Clients Have To Say:


"I understand what the pain is telling me"

""Kris helped me learn to communicate better with my body so I understand what the pain is telling me. She also showed me how to have a more conscious relationship with my body so I can take action before pain and tension turn into injury." ~~ Beth H.


"I have had less of the sciatica-type pain"

"By the end of each class my body feels more relaxed, and I can feel that gap under my ribs is smaller. Over the 8 weeks I’ve been taking the class, I have had less of the sciatica-type pain, and an issue I was having with pain in my foot has pretty much disappeared. Foot pain while hiking has eased. As a result of taking this class, rather than reading the manual and learning on my own, I gained.the motivation to learn and commit to using the MELT method. The class got me motivated and committed to learning the MELT method." ~~ Rachel S


"All that stuck tension is gone!"

"First, at the start of each class my body felt stiff, tight, tense, not very flexible and sometimes in pain. By the end of each class my body was relaxed, more flexible, loose and balanced. I had the MELT book for many months but was never sure I was doing the exercises correctly. Taking the class with Kris makes a HUGE difference! Her knowledge about Melt is amazing, She will kindly and patiently talk you through every move telling you why you’re doing it, how to do it correctly and how it might feel for you. It’s amazing how much better your body feels when you’re done. All that stuck tension is gone!" ~~ Anna B.


"My energy experiences an obvious shift"

"At the start of each class my body can often feel gripped, tight. I can feel uneven, misaligned. If I’m laying on the floor, I can feel that parts of my legs, torso and back aren’t touching the floor. They aren’t fully released. Energy-wise, it varies — sometimes I can start off feeling sluggish. Or I can sometimes feel scattered & kinetic (as in not grounded & present). By the end of each class my body feels… open, relaxed, & aligned. It feels easy. I’m not efforting anything. My energy experiences an obvious shift — sluggishness gives way to vibrancy. Scattered energy becomes calm, grounded & present.: ~~ Dana B.


"I now understand what I need to do to get my body out of pain"

"As a result of working with Kris individually, I gained much more awareness of how to do the techniques properly.  There are nuances in being shown the techniques that you can’t get from a book.  Kris’s knowledge and training of what is happening in my body helps me to understand what I’m doing. I now understand what I need to do to get my body out of pain."  ~~ Tannis B..


"My body feels light and subtle"

"At the start of each class my body feels a bit out of alignment and tight. By the end of the class my body feels light and subtle.  I am always amazed out how out of alignment I was by my sensations at the end.  By working with Kris individually I gained the ability to ask questions immediately, received instant feedback on my form and any insights that she had.  She has great cues and is very present in the process. " ~~ Tara S.


"A greater connection between mind and body"

"Kris Haley speaks to balance and commitment.  She helped me to understand a greater connection between mind and body through Pilates, which I needed given my energy level and not being an exercise enthusiast!  Through Kris’s instruction and gentle prodding I developed a sense of ownership of my well being that proved different from my experience with yoga. Given all the yoga and Pilates instructors in the Los Angeles area, Kris stands out.  She was so great to work with in terms of keeping me on task, honoring time and  commitment, and her general easy going yet “masterful” disposition." ~~ Linda A.


"I have been able to work out tension on my own"

"My work requires me to use my hands and arms a lot which get tired and tight even with proper body posture. Since learning the MELT method, I have been able to work out tension on my own and lessen the need for scheduling deep tissue massages which can get expensive. The thing I love most is that it’s not time consuming! A little everyday goes a long way." ~~ Enid B.


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