Class Descriptions


~ Do your knees and hips feel stiff when you get out of bed in the morning?

~ Do you have “tennis elbow?”

~ Have you tried lots of healing modalities with little results?

~ Are you Ready to do whatever it takes to get out of pain?


This unique 90 minute class will:

√ Ease tension in the neck and low back

√ Eliminate joint pain in the hands, feet and knees

√ Rebalance the nervous system

√ Improve energy


The Class Series is for those who want to make MELT a home practice. The series will break down
the moves, teach you correct form and how to choose which combination of moves are best suited for your
specific issues.  By the end of the series students will have a solid foundation of the MELT Method and the confidence
to carry out a daily MELT practice so that they can FEEL better, WORK better, LIVE better!

In the class series you will learn:

~ Treatments for the hands/Feet using the MELT balls
~ 2 routines that target lower body aches/pain using the roller
~ 2 routines that target the upper body aches/pain using the roller

The MELT Method is right for you if you desire to:

√ End your battle with chronic pain
 √ Boost your performance in your favorite sport
√ Improve your energy
√ Take charge of your overall health/wellness