3 Reasons Self-Care Triumphs Over Health-Care


Cheers to 2017!!  In the first few weeks of the year I always feel an excited optimism and hope for what will transpire in the New Year. I spend some time reflecting on my accomplishments from the previous year and what theme, or goal I want to manifest in the coming year. I keep it simple, just one or two clear themes/goals for the year. This probably won’t come as a surprise, but all of my themes/goals have to do with health/wellness. 
The last two months of 2016 my husband and I reviewed our retirement plans and accounts with our financial advisor. In our meetings with our financial advisor she shared with us the facts about aging, medical care, living expenses, and these facts/stats were a little unnerving but also motivating. One sobering fact is that over half of bankruptcies filed were due to medical bills. And more than ¾ of the people with a medically related bankruptcy had health insurance. My intention is not to freak you out, but to motivate you. While health insurance is a must, I know for sure that the human body has its own natural healing system and we all have the power to nurture that system to prevent many illnesses and syndromes before they start. Self-Care is the New Health-Care!!!
Regular self-care practices:

Save money.
Save time.
No nasty side effects.

Doctor appointments, medication and procedures are time consuming, expensive and often produce unwanted, negative side effects. My husband recently experienced pain/restriction in his left shoulder area. I walked him thru some MELT® moves two times in one week and his shoulder improved. He didn’t have to drive 20-30 minutes to see someone, wait 10-15 minutes to be called in to see the practitioner, have the 15-30 minute session, pay $50-$100 or more and then drive 20-30 minutes home. It was free and only took 30 minutes each session, without causing any negative reactions. I know my husband has the advantage of having my help, BUT everyone can learn to perform MELT moves on their own, to help relieve aches/pain.
The good news is we have so much information at our fingertips to help us achieve our health goals. I want to offer my support by sharing a few tools:

I believe optimal health means functioning at your best in ALL areas of your life, not just in your body. The goal is a resilient body, mind and spirit: one that can withstand all the challenges of our modern world. Cheers to Healthy Habits!!