Cultivate and spread happiness this holiday season!


Tis the season to be merry and bright. Tis the season for giving. Tis the season to be stressed? Yes, unfortunately it’s true. Stress comes in many forms and even fun and merrymaking can be stressful. The research shows that, on average, we experience 50 stress responses per day. During the holiday season that average is likely to rise.

As we head into the season of grateful, joyful, cheerful, friends and family-filled moments, let us not forget to GIVE to ourselves that much needed space to quiet our mind and body. Practicing MELT, just 15 minutes per day, can help to rebalance our nervous system, restore a sense of calm in the body, and allow our body’s natural healing system to do its’ job. Trying to do it all at this time of year can leave us feeling depleted and resentful rather than joyful.  

I have finally learned to STOP doing all the traditionally expected activities and mindfully choose a few activities that really bring me joy. At the end of December, I don’t miss the things I chose not to do, because I have great memories of being present and joyful for those activities that were most meaningful to me. Therefore, I feel restored by gathering with loved ones and giving and receiving. I am ready to greet the new year with vitality and excitement, rather than exhaustion. Give a little kindness to yourself, extend that kindness to your inner circle and watch the ripple effect flow out creating a merry, bright and healthy community.